Monday, 18 July 2011

Mobile Workstation - Mobi by Abstracta

This modern & innovative mobile workstation - Mobi - designed by Andrea Ruggiero for Abstracta. This modern furniture was developed specifically for today's flexible work environments. This furniture consists of a work surface and a sound-absorbing partition on locking wheels, so it can be easily moved by one person. Combining units can create a variety of configurations, from collaborative team-based arrangements to individual workstations.

Mobi's fabric-covered partitions are available in a dynamic range of colours and in two standard heights -- 100 and 160cm -- depending on the desired amount of privacy. Specifying multiple units with different fabric colours can create colour-designated teams or project-specific areas within one workspace. The fixed leg has an adjustable foot, so the work surface can be leveled on uneven floors.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Interior Design Ideas by Ligia Casanova

Dedicated for young family with three teenagers, Ligia Casanova created modern and warm interior decoration of the common areas of 220 square meter duplex is based around not losing eve a ray of sun. Neutral tones between white and brown and the pieces of contemporary design provide the feeling of comfort. The kitchen is designed to be a place where everyone participates in food preparation. Private rooms feature more intense color theme. A lot of freedom was given to the kids when these room were decorated.

Interior Design Ideas by Ligia CasanovaInterior Design Ideas by Ligia CasanovaInterior Design Ideas by Ligia CasanovaInterior Design Ideas by Ligia Casanova

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Home Office Furniture by BlueLounge

The "StudioDesk" by BlueLounge is a modern compact laptop desk that provides a clutter free working environment where all cords connected to all your peripherals are hidden, under the sliding desktop surface where also is the storage space. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop allows the necessary peripheral & power cables to enter at any point. Removable faux leather mat covering the sliding portion isn’t only add contrast to the desk but also provide more comfy surface to lay hands on. The desk is not just your ordinary home desk - it's the desk where you will finish most of your paper work, develop superior creative ideas and even the area where you will plot your career advancement.

Home Office Furniture BlueLounge
Office Furniture


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Italian Stone Sinks by Decormarmi

The ‘Kreoo-Nabhi’ sinks furniture comes from Italian furniture firm Decormarmi. This new stone bathroom sinks features floral shape with undulating edges. The liquid charisma of the sink, inspired by water, offers a unique ambience to the bathroom. These sinks are hand-cut and polished to provide refined glossy finish to it. Kreoo-Nabhi sinks can stand alone as a bathroom or powder room focal point attracting everyone’s attention. When paired with a modern, gooseneck faucet, the sink gets a complete look. [Decormarmi]

Italian Stone Sinks, DecormarmiItalian Bathroom, Decormarmi

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bufa Chair Furniture by MOWO Studio

The word chair isn’t restricted to just being a lame furniture piece anymore and the modern designers have helped evolve the definition. Take for instance the Bufa Chair from MOWO Studio which has brought to use tailoring details: puff and pleat, in an attempt to replace the traditional upholstery. Both sides of the chair have a string attached and pulling the string transforms the two-dimensional felt in a spatial shape. MOWO Studio hails from Poland and it succeeds in offering a pleated material Bufa chair like a spatial curved ornament which looks like some decorative piece. - MOWO Studio

Bufa Chair, Chair Furniture, MOWO Studio
Bufa Chair, Chair Furniture, MOWO Studio
Bufa Chair, Chair Furniture, MOWO Studio
Bufa Chair, Chair Furniture, MOWO Studio

Friday, 11 June 2010

Apartment Interior Design by West Chin Architect

This apartment interior was designed by West Chin Architects for a New York couple with three kids. The couple works in media industry so their design expectations were very high. In the result they got a fabulous 3400-square-foot space for contemporary lifestyle which is safe for their kids. Open space concept for dining room, living room and kitchen make it feels very spacious. Neutral color and the furniture which is chosen make every room feels airy and bright. This three-bedroom flat is designed with a high taste but safe for the children. Easy clean furniture is very useful for anyone who lives in urban space so you wouldn’t spend your spare time for cleaning the house. - via

Apartment  Interior Design by West Chin Architect

Apartment Interior Design by West Chin ArchitectApartment Interior Design by West Chin ArchitectApartment Interior Design by West Chin Architect

Margoliouth House by Dlab

The Singapore based architectural firm Dlab , add the new contemporary style in the Margoliouth House with the sustainable design and minimal waste. In the new design, the architects do an effort to deal the indoor and outdoor in creating more liveable garden for cooling the living areas. The design is so spacious, a wonderful integration between the indoor and outdoor creates the natural ambiance into the house. Thanks to the cross ventilation that makes the interior cool while the natural light is possible to come into the house without make it being heat. - via

Margoliouth House by DlabMargoliouth House by DlabMargoliouth House by DlabMargoliouth House by Dlab

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