Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Minimalist House Interior Design with Different Lamp

modern minimalist lamp interior design
This is minimalist and modern house design interior with different lamp photos. We introduce the new modular lamp Ca-Belli firm. The functional Mezzanotte, so it has been called, has the special ability to change its modulation by the number of central diffuser. These are produced in a steel structure clad in glass. And offer a symmetrical lighting using Metal iodide 70 to 150W. Mezzanotte is built with stone from Lecce (original limestone), characterized by its white marble and its compact and uniform grain.

contemporary house interior design with different lamp

Another great feature is its resistance to climatic variables. Mezzanotte is so suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting. You can illuminate and decorate our main room or the garden. Run for our taste. But there is a limitation of the lamp. Depending on broadcasters to incorporate the measures vary lamp oscillating between minimum 300mm x 270mm and 300mm x 410mm maximum. This may opt for one or other illumination, varying the light requirement of space.


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I liked it, you can find more Outdoor Furniture from spacify.

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