Friday, 16 October 2009

Modern Bedroom Interior Design Beds with built-in TV

modern badroom interior design
This is about modern minimalist bedroom design interior best photos luxury design. What a surprise we've taken today with the proposal that we bring to the blog and interior decoration is that we have found a bed like that for those wishing to enjoy watching TV since it has already built a television and a simple mechanism shown and hidden at will.

luxury bedroom interior design

In whites, including in the bed of a small foot that allows us to deposit that appears when we want a television that is built and it is also one of the latest LCD screens that are in the market.

minimalist luxury design

modern bedroom design

The truth is that it is a luxury for those who really want to distance themselves from the norm as far as regards room decor and it's very comfortable because when not at home or sleep can save the screen again thus we save furniture and space.


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