Thursday, 22 October 2009

Modern Furniture for Small Bathroom–Happy by Novello

Modern-Furniture-for-Small-Bathroom-Happy-by-NovelloHappy collection is from Novello, demonstrates that furniture for a small bathroom can be very beautiful. This collection combines the refinement of ceramic wash basins and capacious of traditional bathroom furniture. The washbasin cabinets in asymmetric and charming shapes are complemented with wash-basins tops made of different materials like crystal, stainless steel and corian. There are also many kinds of wall mount cabinets and creative shelves in this collection, which are in perfect harmony with the wash basins. The mirrors are offered in various finishes and can be supplied with LED lights along the frame. The furniture amazes by bright and elegant color solutions. The most attractive of them is the violet bathroom set. This color accentuates the curved furniture’s line and make it even more refine. Any small bathroom could have a great look with such furniture set. For further information you could visit Novello site.



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